RIW Flexiseal is a two coat, seamless and fully bonded liquid applied waterproof coating based on polyurethane technology. RIW Flexiseal cures by drawing moisture from the air to form a highly flexible but durable barrier to water and water vapour and is typically used in the UK where a high performance waterproof coating based tanking system is required.

When designing Type A structures (as classified in UK BS8102:2009), the product applied correctly, is capable of providing the levels of protection required for grades 1, 2 & 3 basements.

Features & Benefits
  • Two colour coded coats
  • Seamless and fully bonded
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Spray applied in one day
  • Flexible (500% elongation)
  • Accommodates differential movement
  • Simple to detail in critical areas
  • Solvent Free
chemical resistance

Chemical Resistance

colour coded

Colour Coded



radon resistant

Radon Resistant

sulphate resistant

Sulphate Resistant