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In-house and online CPD options available

Choose between our online CPD below, which focuses on Waterproofing At or Below Ground Level or contact us to book an in-house session.

We offer a series of lunchtime seminars held at your practice. The session takes 1 hour (including questions) with lunch costs covered by RIW.  Choose from the following topics:

  • Waterproofing At or Below Ground Level (BS8102:2009)
  • Waterproofing Considerations for Above Ground Design
  • DPM & Basement Tanking Design Considerations (a combination of the above topics).

For further information contact us:
Telephone:  01753 944200

Waterproofing At or Below Ground Level

Our Online CPD is based on instructional text, drawings and photos. It will take under 30 minutes, and we'll send you a certificate upon completion.