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Typical Details

Please note: These drawings generally indicate details for a single line of waterproofing only.
For most situations where internal floor areas are greater than 600mm below external ground level, additional protection may be required. Therefore, these drawings are for general guidance only, and further advice should be sought when necessary from our Technical team. Phone: 01753 944200 or Email:
External Tanking[{product_related_downloads:count}]
Suspended Floor[{product_related_downloads:count}]
Change In Floor Level[{product_related_downloads:count}]
Raised External Ground Level[{product_related_downloads:count}]
Damp Proofing[{product_related_downloads:count}]
Cavity Drain[{product_related_downloads:count}]
Plant Rooms / Raised Access Floor and Bunded Areas[{product_related_downloads:count}]
Podium Deck[{product_related_downloads:count}]
Piled Foundations[{product_related_downloads:count}]
Movement Joints[{product_related_downloads:count}]
Gas Proofing[{product_related_downloads:count}]