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Case Studies

RIW's case studies provide guidance on overcoming commonly encountered waterproofing problems and applications on various projects throughout the UK. We have been consulted on virtually every application you can think of, so if you're looking for something specific, please contact us on 01344 397777.

UCL Data Centre

The design requirement for this structure was a total dry space, ready to house millions of pounds worth of computer equipment. This area needed to achieve a...

London School of Economics

Through becoming part of the design team at an early stage of the project we were able to offer comprehensive advice for this complex basement structure.

The Hallmark

The design requirements for The Hallmark included a split-level structure with the rear of the building being five levels lower than the front. RIW were therefore brought...

100 Bishopsgate City of London

Responding to the complexities of the Bishopsgate basement.

The British Museum

As a result of the specialist contractor having design responsibility for the basement structure, RIW became involved with the British Museum extension project throughout the pre-contract and...