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Sheetseal GR

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Sheetseal GR is a cold applied, high density polyethylene film, bonded to aluminium foil and coated with a bitumen/rubber self-adhesive layer with a removable reinforced silicone release paper. The product generally requires a primer for vertical or sloping surfaces, ie. Sheetseal Primer.

Waterproof Methane and Carbon Dioxide Gas Barrier

Sheetseal GR is typically used where a methane and carbon dioxide gas barrier is required, combined with the waterproofing.

When designing Type A structures (as classified in BS8102:2009), the product applied correctly, is capable of providing the levels of protection required for grades 1, 2 & 3 basements.

Sheetseal GR has been tested by Wimpey Laboratories for methane gas resistance. The test results are outlined within the product data sheet.

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