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Flexiseal 500 HG

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Flexiseal 500 HG is a two-component, reactive, fast-curing, hand-applied waterproofing membrane which provides a continuous, tough and flexible seamless coating for roofs, podium decks, terraces and balconies. Flexiseal 500 HG is based on advanced resin technology.

Surface Preparation

All surface coating systems are dependent on the quality of surface preparation.


New concrete substrates should be a minimum of seven days old and constructed in accordance with BS    EN 1992. The substrate must be clean, dry and structurally sound. It must be free from laitance, oils and all other surface contaminants.

Where the use of a non-structural screed or a lightweight concrete substrate is proposed, contact Technical Department as these materials often have low cohesive strength or retain water in open pores.


On steel surfaces all rust, dirt and contamination should be removed to expose bright metal to achieve a surface finish to comply with Swedish standard Sa 2.5.

For compatibility with other construction materials or where additives, cement replacement or curing compounds have been used please consult the Technical Services Department.



The substrate must be primed with FLEXISEAL 500 CONCRETE PRIMER prior to application of the FLEXISEAL 500 HG membrane with a brush or roller.


RIW FLEXISEAL 500 HG system is poured onto the substrate and spread using a trowel and / or brush. Spread using a trowel, brush, notched squeegee or skid leveller.

For vertical surfaces the material should be applied by brush. The material should be applied in two even coats to give a minimum dry film thickness of 1mm per coat.

FLEXISEAL 500 HG can be trafficked or loaded once fully cured.


Coverage rates are based on a smooth substrate and will vary with surface texture and porosity.

Primer: refer to separate datasheet

Membrane typically 1.4kg/m²/coat 

Single coat coverage 2.8kg/m²


All tools and equipment should be cleaned with acetone before the material is allowed to cure.

Packaging & Storage

Primer: refer to separate datasheets

RIW FLEXISEAL 500 Membrane: 20kg, resin only

BPO Liquid Catalyst, pack: 5kg & 20kg (for use with Hand Grade)

All components of the FLEXISEAL 500 system should be stored in cool, dry, protected conditions, out of direct sunlight and in accordance with the relevant site Health & Safety regulations. Storage temperature must not exceed 25°C. Do not store near naked flames or foodstuffs.

Stored in unopened containers, under the correct conditions, the components have a minimum shelf life of twelve months. If your product is more than twelve months old you must contact Technical Service before use.



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