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Colwyn Bay Watersports Hotspot


Colwyn Bay Watersports Hotspot is part of the redevelopment of the promenade by Conwy CBC, providing a new watersports facility on the seafront. K2 Architects consulted RIW on the project.

Architect - K2 Architects
Client - Conwy Council
Contractor - Wynne Construction
Installer - Waterseal
Principle Application - Podium Decks
Products UsedRIW CementsealRIW CementflexRIW Cementjoint

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The Challenge

This site is situated within five metres of the seafront in Colwyn Bay, with a large deck area requiring waterproofing in extremely wet conditions and in a marine environment. 

A polyurethane applied membrane was initially considered as part of the waterproofing strategy but this was rejected as, the majority of the time, the deck would be wet and damp during application. This was especially relevant as the application of the membrane was carried out by Waterseal during July/August 2012, one of the wettest summer periods on record.

The fact that subsequent trades would have to travel over the completed application, putting the membrane at risk from damage, also meant that a different solution was required.

The Solution

Following a site visit by an RIW Technical Advisor, RIW Cementseal was put forward. This allowed the application to be undertaken when the deck was wet/damp, with no delays in the build schedule. The RIW Cementseal is applied to horizontal areas in a single 2mm application, thus application time is considerably reduced when compared to a two coat membrane. Fast curing also allows subsequent trades to access the deck much quicker. RIW Cementseal provides enhanced resistance to carbonation which in a costal environment is extremely important. 

The RIW Cementseal provided an impact resistant application, which allowed the deck to be trafficked by subsequent trades without the risk of damage to the membrane. RIW Cementflex was applied around balustrade fixing plates to ensure any differential movement could be accommodated and RIW Cementjoint was used over day joints to provide crack control and minimise cracking to the surface of the membrane.

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