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National Archive for the British Film Institute


Edward Cullinan Architects first consulted RIW in 2010 regarding the waterproofing strategy for this cutting edge film storage facility in Warwickshire. 

  • Architect: Edward Cullinan Architects
  • Main Contractor: Gilbert Ash Ltd
  • Principle Application: DPM
  • Products Used: RIW Sheetseal 226
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The Problem

The British Film Institute’s master film collections preserve the UK’s film and TV heritage. Nitrate and acetate film demand optimum environmental conditions for humidity and temperature control, so the influence of the external environment had to be minimised. In order for the architect’s design to achieve groundbreaking energy efficiency, the detailing of the water and vapour proofing strategy at the various interfaces around the building was of vital importance. RIW met with the design team & helped them develop the finished solution.

The Solution

The RIW Sheetseal 226 self adhesive sheet membrane was used as a DPM and vapour barrier to the entire suspended floor, walls and roof of this structure. The membrane literally enveloped the whole structure, with RIW bitumen protection board installed at certain locations i.e. slab bearings and external vertical faces of the structure prior to backfilling (where below ground level). The elastic and flexible properties of RIW Sheetseal 226 allow the membrane to be applied to large vertical and horizontal areas quickly and easily, making them watertight for following trades to keep within the construction programme.

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