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Saxton Parade Case Study


Union North Liverpool consulted RIW in 2010 when redeveloping a number of 1950s tower blocks in Leeds. 

Architect - Union North
Developer - Urban Splash
Principle Application - Podium Decks
Products Used - RIW FlexisealRIW CementsealRIW Cementflex

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The Challenge

This £32m mixed tenure residential redevelopment had a large deck area that needed a waterproofing solution that could be installed within a short period of time, due to the wet weather
of summer 2010. The approximately 1500m2 podium deck area was divided into a series of private decks, with a central concrete section surrounded by gravel margins. Below the deck areas sat car parking for the tenants.

The architects had shortlisted a product that required hot application, but involved RIW in the design process in order to resolve a number of issues. The health and safety implications of hot application, the lengthy application process, along with supply costs and environmental concerns led the design team to look for an alternative specification.

The RIW Solution

Due to the short turnaround needed, and the different product requirements in the concrete and gravel areas, RIW Technical Advisor Stuart Benham advised that a combination of products was used.

Both RIW Cementseal and RIW Cementflex were used: Cementseal’s robust abrasion resistant properties make it ideal for areas where tenants may walk on the gravel, moving it around. Cementflex was used at horizontal and vertical junctions to reinforce the Cementseal against differential movement.

RIW Flexiseal was then overcoated onto the peripheries, ideal for its fast drying time and speed of application (large areas can be spray applied in one day) and high performance flexibility. The elongation and tensile properties of the Flexiseal were ideal to accommodate any deflection and differential movement within deck areas. 

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