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Sloane Square Wine Cellar London


Mike McCausland from BB Partnership involved RIW in the design process to turn an existing brickwork coal vault into a wine cellar for a client located near Sloane Square. 

  • Architect: BB Partnership
  • Main Contractor: Cousins Construction & Carpentry
  • Specialist Applicator: Cast Contracting Ltd
  • Featured Products: RIW Cementseal, RIW Sheetseal 226
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The Problem

The cellar is partially under the public footpath & was leaking water – it was coming in through the top of the vault. Water ingress needed to be stopped as soon as possible, but first the damp substrate needed to be prepared.

The Solution

To prepare the substrate, RIW Cementfill HB was applied
in a two coat pre packed render system. This saved time against a traditional 3 coat application recommended by other manufacturers and stopped the majority of water ingress. Any remaining areas were stopped by the application of a plugging compound, RIW Cementfill WP.

Once a dry substrate was achieved, a coating of RIW Cementseal was then applied, ready to receive an internal two coat breathable plaster finish.

Below the concrete slab we recommended RIW Sheetseal 226. This self adhesive bitumen membrane turned up at the slab perimeter onto the waterproofed walls, completing the tanking.

All water ingress completely stopped and the internal environment was ready for finishing trades and, of course, wine. 

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