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The Shard, London


Renzo Piano involved RIW in the design process for this iconic building in London’s South Bank.

Architect: Renzo Piano
Developer: Sellar Property Group
Main Contractor: Mace 
Products Used: RIW Toughseal

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The Problem

This mixed-use, 1016ft tall ‘vertical city’ will be the tallest building in Western Europe and is therefore in need of a solid basement waterproofing strategy. The site sits in a low risk area with regards to the water table, and watertight concrete provides significant protection against water ingress. However, the depth of the basement means that additional waterproofing assurance is needed to completely seal the plant rooms.

The Solution

RIW Toughseal was specified and used as a chemically resistant and waterproof coating to plant room floors within the basement to protect adjacent rooms from water damage.

Another requirement was to enhance the traditional ventilated drained cavity design to ensure water ingress through deep piled walls was contained within a channel behind a blockwork lining wall. RIW Toughseal was the ideal membrane to be applied within this channel where limited access restricted working space.

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